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ISSM2020 postponed

Due to health concerns and travel restrictions being put in place due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to postpone The International Society of Subsurface Microbiology ISSM 2020 Conference in the Netherlands from June 14-19 to spring/summer 2021.  The exact date is not yet set.

The accepted presentations and poster remain accepted.

Possibly we will reopen abstract submission later this year.

If you are a selected presenter (including key note speakers), and you are declining, please, let us know.

We do apologize for this inconvenience in these crazy times and thank you for your understanding.

By moving the conference date, we hope to alleviate any health concerns, as well as avoid current travel restrictions. Obviously, we keep on following developments of the COVID-19 coronavirus carefully.


The International Society for Subsurface Microbiology (ISSM) is made up of microbiologists, ecologists, geoscientists, and other researchers around the world fascinated by the various aspects of subsurface microbiology, a rapidly expanding field that focuses on microbial life below the surface of the earth. ISSM has organized numerous symposiums on subsurface microbiology in locations as diverse as Germany, Japan, New Zealand, USA and the UK. These symposia are meant to showcase the latest technologies and research in subsurface microbiology, including microbial ecology.

The International Society of Subsurface Microbiology is honoured to invite you to its 11th international conference in Ermelo (The Netherlands) in
June 2020.


The programme of events will focus on a wide variety of topics, like (provisional, suggestions welcome and not limited to):

  • Molecular Tools in Subsurface Microbiology
  • Subsurface Pollutants
  • Subsurface Microbial Transport
  • Aquifer Recharge Microbiology
  • Microbial Aspects of Bank Filtration
  • Microbiology of Coastal Beach Aquifers and Hyperheic Zones
  • Microbiology of Extreme Subsurface Environments
  • Microbial Energetics in Subsurface Systems
  • Microbial Food Webs
  • Environmental Adaption, Diversity, and Functionality of Ecology
  • Sampling Subsurface Environments
  • Sub-seafloor microbiology
  • Subsurface Ecosystems
  • Microbial Ecosystems: From Network to Models
  • Role of Microbial Cycling in Environmental Sustainability
  • Emerging Issues

Related to these topics, but from a fresh perspective

  • The subsurface as natural capital
  • Circular economy
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The programme will be constructed around presentations and papers that are submitted in relation to the conference topics. Scientific papers, as well as documented case studies and general review papers are encouraged for submission.



November 2017

 31 December 2019

January 2020

February 2020

 31 March 2020

14-19 June 2020

First Announcement at ISSM2017, Rotorua, New Zealand

Deadline for submission of abstracts for oral presentations

Second Announcement

Evaluation of papers by the Programme committee

Deadline for submission of abstracts for poster presentations


November 2017

First Announcement at ISSM2017, Rotorua, New Zealand

1 December 2019

Deadline for submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations

January 2020

Second Announcement

February 2020

Evaluation of papers by the Programme committee

14-19 June 2020


Special issue ISSM 2020

Just like in ISSM2019, Rotorua, New Zealand, we aim to publish a thematic issue of contributions to ISSM2020 in FEMS Microbiology Ecology.

The guest editors of this issue will be Professor Kirsten Küsel of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and Professor Fengping Wang of the Shanghai JiaoTong University

For more information click on the following links:

FEMS journal website:

Previous Subsurface microbiology thematic issue:


All abstracts should be written in English. An international Programme Committee will review the abstracts. Only papers and posters presented in person by the author(s) will be accepted. Authors must be able to cover their own expenses and registration fee. When submitting your proposal online, you will find a more detailed list of keywords that we will use to categorise your submission, and match it with appropriate reviewers. Authors should submit an abstract of maximum 250 words using an abstract submission form and in which to denote the topic and type of presentation.

Please note that the submission for oral presentations is closed! Poster abstracts can be submitted until March 31st!


Platform Presentations

Proposals for platform presentations on current issues and developments concerning biobased colourants are especially welcomed. Submissions (platform and poster) must be in the form of an outline paper (halve page of text, plus maximum two additional pages of tables and figures).

Please note that the submission for oral presentations is closed! Poster abstracts can be submitted until March 31st!

Poster Presentations

If you present a poster paper it will be on display for two days and eligible for a best poster award which will be announced at the congress closing ceremony. Oral and poster presentations are accorded equal status. The difference from a platform presentation is that you should let your poster do the ‘talking’; i.e. the material presented must convey your key points. If you prefer to present a poster please note this when you submit your proposal (100 words and title).

Jack Schijven UU/RIVM
Suzanne Wijker IWC
Jens Aamand Geological Survey Denmark & Greenland
Murray Close Institute Environmental Science & Research
Frederick Colwell Oregon State University
Annette Engels University of Tennessee
Danielle Fortin Ottawa University
Ji Dong Gu Hong Kong University
Ronald Harvey U.S. Geological Survey
Ian Head Newcastle University
Fumio Inagaki Jpn Agency Marine-Earth Science & Technol.
Rainer Meckenstock University of Duisburg- Essen
Tamara Nazina Russian Academy of Sciences
Richard Smith U.S. Geological Survey
Nathalie Tufenkji McGill University
Bo-Zhong Mu East China University of Science and Technology
Julia Derx TU Vienna
Paul Blaschke TU Vienna
Alex Chik University of Waterloo
Inge van Driezum RIVM
Rainer Meckenstock University of Duisburg- Essen
Ronald Harvey U.S. Geological Survey