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Conference Secretariat IWC Koningskade, 40 2596 AA Den Haag, The Netherlands T: +31.6.11173425

Conference dinner Tuesday 16 June 2020

Light-bound creamy soup of Zwolle mustard with a garnish of crispy bacon (served) and an extensive fresh salad buffet with local seasonal products and various luxury (farmer’s) breads with butter, herb butter, tapenade and aioli.
Freshly sliced pork tenderloin in a sauce of mixed mushrooms, beef tenderloin, chicken saté, cod fillet with chive sauce, goat cheese ravioli with a walnut and honey salsa (V), vegetarian pasta (V), various matching sauces, French fries, rice (V), and matching vegetable and potato garnish
To conclude, we present a luxury dessert buffet

Costs: €55,- (including flat and sparkling water, excl. other beverages)

Conference dinner Thurday 18 June 2020

Fresh from our smoking room:
Warm salmon with a marinade of lemon, salt and peppers.

From our BBQ we serve the following dishes:
Pulled Pork; a delicious 16 hour roasted pork shoulder, picked and served on a corn roll with coleslaw and BBQ sauce.
Porchetta with mustard, sage, parsley, fennel, garlic, lemon, pepper and salt. Tied up pork belly which is gently cooked and then tranched on the buffet; a true taste sensation.
Picanha, beef tail piece, the only thing this needs is pepper, salt and olive oil.
Tuscan chicken, chicken thigh marinated in rosemary and garlic, crispy roasted with a chutney of tomato and red onion.
Spicy sweet marinated pork ribs to lick your fingers.
Grilled beef burger, pita bread with crispy lettuce, sauce of yogurt, garlic and Provencal herbs.

Bread buffet: Including freshly baked break bread, ancient bread, ciabatta, herb butter, aioli, olive oil and sea salt.

Roasted potato salad with rosemary sea salt and coarse pepper mayonnaise.
Greek salad of cucumber, tomato, red onion rings, olives, feta cheese, bacon, croutons.
Mesclun lettuce, vinaigrette of red wine vinegar and shallots. Salad of couscous, raisins and dried apricots.
Provencal penne pasta salad. Various cold sauces.

Dessert: Old Dutch ice cream cart, with a variety of ice cream, crispy cones, dippers and whipped cream

Costs: €65,- (including flat and sparkling water, excl. other beverages)