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Wednesday 17-06-2020

1. Excursion to Oasen Gouda incl. lunch

Water supply company Oasen uses River bank Filtration as the main source for drinking water. At the Water utility ZS De Steeg (Langerak). About 11 Miljoen m3/year of drinking water is produced. Pathogenic bacteria are removed during subsurface passage of more than 110 days. Iron (Fe) and Ammonia (NH4) are removed in de water-utility by a combination of hydrochemical and natural processes. Micropollutants by a combination of natural process and activated carbon. The facility is a fine example of standard dutch drinking water technology.


11.30 – 12.45   Lunch in Gouda
13.00- 15.00   Tour at Oasen Water supply company


2. Excursion to PWN Castricum

More information will follow

3. Excursion to Batavialand and Marker Wadden

The story of the Netherlands is the story of water. Water as a bitter enemy, and also as a source of trade and prosperity. Batavialand brings our struggle against the water to life – not only the reclamations and dyke building, but also the expeditions, the overseas trade and the specialist knowledge exported by the Netherlands. Over 7,000 years of living on the boundary between water and land: you will hear, see and feel it at Batavialand!


Batavialand is located at a fitting place: by the Markermeer lake, in the easily accessible city of Lelystad, the capital of the Flevoland province (which is the largest-ever reclamation project). Batavialand has an indoor and outdoor location. Outside you will find the shipyard, with the famous replica East Indiaman the Batavia at the pier. The museum will surprise you with maritime exhibitions, presentations and activities for even our youngest visitors. Batavialand is a great, educational and interactive day out for the whole family.’’


10:00-10:30 Reception with coffee/tea at Haje de Taveerne

You will be received in the restaurant with a delicious cup of coffee or tea.

10:30-12:00 Location Wharf: Tour

After the coffee, the expert guides will take you on an exciting tour around the wharf along the workplaces and on the Batavia.

12:00-12:25 Location Museum – visit the Flevowand

After the tour, the group will have the opportunity to see the Flevowand. This is a lovely exhibit introducing the history of Flevoland and the Zuiderzee works before the excursion to the Marker Wadden begins.

12:25-17:00 Excursion to the Marker Wadden

You embark for the Marker Wadden from the dock next to the Batavia. The ship leaves at 12:30. On the way there you will sail past distinctive sites, such as the Batavia, the sculpture titled Exposure (Hurkende Man), and a locks complex on the shipping route between Amsterdam and Lemmer known as the Huidribsluizen. During the trip you will be served lunch on board the MS Waddenzee.

Around 13:45 you will arrive at the Marker Wadden and at 14:00 there will be a tour of the islands. Around 15:30 the MS Waddenzee will sail back to Batavialand.

Costs: € 95,- p.p